A native Haligonian, Amy Kerr began her career as a model at the age of fifteen. A multiple award winner at myriad modeling and acting competitions, as well as beauty pageants, Amy has booked many internet, print campaigns and spokesmodel positions including: Kameleon Jewelry, uMame Maternity, Gabs & Eddy, Turbine, Metrin Skincare, Bodog, Maxim, Sports Direct and Wagerline. As well as Nova Scotia Tourism, Canadian Cancer Society and Eco Apparel.  She was featured also on the covers of Eco Apparel catalogue, en.Vision, Faces Magazine and her ads have been seen in Elle and Ok! Magazines and on billboards.


After graduating from high school, Amy auditioned for a local agency to pursue acting, and she began to take acting classes. Shortly thereafter, she landed her first guest starring role as Desh in the sci-fi tv series Lexx: The Dark Zone.


Amy has since worked with many leading actors : opposite of Cybil Sheppard and Tim Matheson in "Martha Inc.", where she played Martha Stewartʼs daughter, Lexi; with Dean Cain, Brian Bosworth, and Mimi Kuzyk in the action flick "Phase IV"; and with Chris Cuthbertson, Sebastian Spence, Christopher Shyer, Ryan Scott Greene and Nigel Bennett in Afterdark Productions feature film "A Bug And A Bag of Weed" and she played opposite of Joe Flaherty and Chris MacDonald in the award winning feature film "Summerhood".  She can also be seen as J-Rocʼs babyʼs mama in multiple episodes of "Trailer Park Boys" in seasons 6 and 7.  She also worked opposite of Flava Flav in the new U.S.sit-com "Under One Roof" as his probation officer Candy.


Newer projects to see Amy in are: Stephen Kingʼs sci-fi hit "Haven", "Hot Robots" by award winning filmmaker Jay Dahl which aired on CTV & Bravo, multiple episodes of "TV with TV's JonathanTorrens" on TvTropolis, Picnicface's feature film "Roller Town", Jason Priestly's hit tv show "Call Me Fitz" a national commercial for "Dempsters Bread" starring Sindey Crosby, a regional "Proline" commercial, a National "Alexander Keiths" commercial and a National "Nova Scotia Tourism" commercial that are both airing on tv and internet.

Clips in Amy's demo reel include:

* Summerhood as Candy

* Cheap Draft as Cute Girl

* A Bug And A Bag of Weed as Mandy

* Under One Roof as Candy

* TV with TVs Jonathan Torrens 

* Lexx: The Dark Zone as Desh

Martha Inc. (Trailer)

Director: Jason Ensler

Starring: Cybil Sheppard, Tim Matheson

Character: Lexi Stewart

Summerhood (Trailer)

Directors: Jacob Medjuck & Tony Dean Smith

Starring: John Cusack, Chris MacDonald, Joe Flaherty, Raquel Alessi, Jacob Medjuck

Character: Candy

Demo Reel

A Bug And A Bag Of Weed (Trailer)

Director: J. David Gonella

Starring: Chris Cuthbertson, Christopher Shyer, Sebastian Spence, Ryan Scott Greene, John Dunsworth

Caracter: Mandy

Phase IV (Trailer)

Director: Bryan Goeres

Starring: Dean Cain, Brian Bosworth, Mimi Kuzyk

Character: Hallie- Marie Holt

Amy's Acting & Modelling Bio

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