Amy began her journey with Monat Global Canada back in Sept 2015.  She was 5 months pregnant with 2 young children to take care of while still working on her Television & Film career.  She jumped in full force and managed to win awards within the company and become the FIRST Canadian Director in Canada!





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Amy's Journey


Reform Jeans


Amy's Featured Modelling Work:

Metrin Scientific Skin​care


Kameleon Jewelery




Amy has been a professional 
ACTOR and MODEL for over 25 years.  
She started her career back in 1995!
A member of SAG, ACTRA & UBCP, 
she has many film and tv credits including: starring, guest starring, principal and actor.  Other credits include: 
stunt, voice over and radio. 
Amy also has extensive modelling 
experience in various media such as: 
print, internet, spokesmodel, 
runway and promotions.




Wagerline/ Sports Direct


Amy is the Founder and CEO of Million Dollar Bathrobe, a company that is all about living your best authentic self through connections of spirit, mind and body.   

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